Addressing child custody in a collaborative divorce

No divorce is without its fights. After all, emotionally volatile arguments may have been precursors to the decision to divorce itself. However, once the decision to divorce is made, it may help for Kentucky parents to take a step back, check one's emotions and consider a collaborative divorce.

In a collaborative divorce, attorneys, financial experts and mental health experts will assist the couple in coming to an amicable divorce settlement. Collaborative divorce offers couples the respect and privacy that they may otherwise be denied if the case went through litigation. In addition, it sets the groundwork for working together as a team, both during the divorce and beyond. This can be especially important for parents, who, for the sake of the children, will have to communicate and work together after the divorce papers have been signed.

Collaborative divorce can be especially beneficial for children. They may feel less stress in the process, and fathers especially may be able to play a bigger part in their child's life after a collaborative divorce. This is especially true if a parenting plan is established that provides both parents with shared custody. Children benefit from having a solid relationship with both parents, and the right kind of custody plan can go a long ways towards establishing such a goal.

In the end, collaborative divorce aims to help couples and their children weather the storms of divorce in a manner that is considerate, supportive and ultimately constructive. If couples aim to keep their emotions in check and focus on the future of their families, decisions may be agreed upon that benefit the entire family.