Fathers have the right to seek child custody in Kentucky

It used to be the social and legal norm that, after a divorce, the mother was deemed most fit to have custody of the child. Because of that, many fathers in Kentucky may assume that they do not have the right to seek child custody after a divorce. However, in this day and age, this is not the case. Fathers' rights are important, and they include the right to meaningful visitation or child custody.

Unmarried fathers also have rights that deserve to be honored. Kentucky statutes protect the rights of fathers who are not married to their child's mother and fathers who were unable to be present at their child's birth. These fathers may also have the right to seek custody of their child. This may even be the case if the father was not told of the child's birth or if the father was excluded from decisions made regarding child custody.

According to Kentucky law, the standard by which child custody decisions will be made is the child's best interests. It is therefore important that fathers document their involvement in the life of their child. This includes evidence such as birthday cards, medical bills paid, records pertaining to the father's involvement in the child's education or extra-curricular activities and vacation photographs. When it comes to child custody decisions, it is important to gather as much evidence as possible to satisfy the court that the father should have custody.

Child custody does not have to go solely to either the mother or the father. Sometimes, joint custody arrangements can be made. Attorney Winner Law Group, LLC has represented fathers seeking child custody and understands the laws that govern such situations. He has successfully helped divorced or unwed fathers exercise their right to custody. He is ready to inform clients about their child custody rights per Kentucky law. His webpage about fathers' rights in Kentucky may be a useful resource for fathers wondering if they have the right to custody of their child.