Breaking the news of divorce to your children

Kentucky parents are responsible for their child's happiness and welfare, and this responsibility is all the more important when parents divorce or break up. Breaking the news of divorce can be difficult for parents to do, but there are some steps they can take to ease the transition.

First of all, if they are able to, parents may consider breaking the news of the divorce together. This shows that even though a big change is occurring, the child's parents are still willing to work together for the sake of the child. Second, it is important to set aside an appropriate time of day for an extended conversation. Kids may have many questions about their parents' divorce and they should not feel rushed.

Furthermore, parents should keep the discussion as simple as possible and should allow the child to feel that it is ok to be sad about the divorce. This can lessen the confusion their children may feel, and allow them to go through the natural reactions that follow a divorce. It is especially important at these times for parents to emphasize that they love the child, even though they will no longer be married.

Parents should also be clear about how the child custody and living situation will change after the divorce. For example, making sure the child understands where they will be living, when and with who can give the child a sense of security they need during what is an understandably tumultuous time. A child custody plan, whether it is sole physical custody with visitation or joint physical custody, will likely be created and adhered-to by both parents for the benefit of the child. An attorney could be a great resource for parents who have questions about creating a child custody plan. Also, if parents cannot reach a child custody agreement on their own, they can utilize the courts and have a judge issue a child custody order instead.

Having to discuss divorce with one's children can be difficult. However, it is in the best interests of the child for an honest and open discussion to be had. This will allow the child to better understand how their lives will change after their parents' divorce.