Prenuptial agreements can discuss pet custody arrangements

Divorce is a legal process that may come as a surprise to some married spouses in the United States. In Jefferson County, Kentucky, readers know that the process of dissolving a marriage is not easy because it involves various issues that must be thoroughly discussed before the divorce decree is signed. However, the divorce may proceed more smoothly if the couple drafted a prenuptial agreement prior to the marriage.

A prenup can be used to protect certain property from property division in the case of a divorce. Louisville readers may be interested to learn that pets can also be included in a prenuptial agreement because they are considered property.

Many people love their pets and when a couple decides to separate, things can turn nasty, especially when deciding who gets custody of the pet. A person who wants to protect his or her pets from property division can create a prenuptial agreement, stating that the pet will remain his or her sole or separate property.

Aside from property and assets, prenups can also be used to decide whether the other spouse will be awarded alimony in the event of a divorce. A couple can also decide on how long the support will be provided as well as the amount of the support.

When crafting a prenup, a reader should note that legal assistance is necessary. With legal assistance, both parties can ensure that the agreement will be enforceable just in case they decide to separate.

Although suggesting a prenup before a marriage may seem unpleasant, creating an agreement can prevent unwanted surprises that may arise in a divorce. To understand more about the pros and cons of prenuptial agreements, a soon-to-be spouse may consider speaking with an experienced legal professional.

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