Celebrity couple plans wedding and prenuptial agreement

When most Kentucky residents enter into a marriage, they do not expect or plan for it to end in divorce or contentious arguments. Because many people are wrapped up in the romantic notion of love ever after, they may shy away from planning for a less perfect outcome. A prenuptial agreement does not mean that a couple is planning for divorce, however; instead, it simply realizes that no one can predict the future and it is easier to make key decisions concerning marital property and other issues up front than when things are less amicable.

In addition to planning the details of their upcoming wedding, Kanye West and Kim Kardashian are also finalizing the details of their prenuptial agreement. It is reported that Kanye did not even think a prenuptial was necessary because he loves Kim so much. Kim also believes this marriage will last forever, according to inside sources.

Nevertheless, the prenuptial agreement provides that Kim will get $1 million for every year the two are married, up to a total of $10 million. In addition, the income earned from her show and ventures will be considered her separate income. The prenuptial also gives Kim the title of the couple's mansion and names her as a beneficiary on one of Kanye's $20 million life insurance policies.

Most people hear about prenuptial agreements in the context of celebrity unions or marriages between very wealthy couples. These agreements are not only for the rich, however. Nearly every couple can benefit from a prenuptial agreement because it gives the couple to make clear decisions about property division and other key issues before communication breaks down and emotions rise.

When drafting a prenuptial agreement, however, it is important to be sure that the agreement is enforceable. In Kentucky, this means that both sides must fully disclose their assets prior to signing the agreement and the agreement cannot be unconscionable at the time it is signed or the time it is enforced. There are often many benefits to drafting a prenuptial agreements, so Kentucky couples planning a wedding may want to carefully consider this option.