The growing demand in social media prenup

Between couples and spouses, sharing pictures is usually not an issue. Residents in Louisville, Kentucky often see many couples posting photos of their vacation trip together, their dinner date or even the little things they do with one another. But what will happen if a spouse uploads a picture that the other thinks is embarrassing?

While many Kentucky residents think nothing about a spouse uploading a picture of their wife or husband, it may affect the other partner, particularly if the photo could ruin a reputation or a professional career. Because of such instances, the number of people opting to have a social media prenup is increasing. According to one expert, a social media prenup is a written agreement that discusses social media postings, what is permitted and any restrictions. A professional who had been helping couples draft their prenuptial agreement for 10 years stated that she now sees couples including a social media clause in their prenup.

A social media clause in a prenup may prohibit both parties from posting nude photos or pictures that can harm their professional reputations. If either spouse violates such a provision, the penalty can be a monetary fine. There are even cases where a spouse has paid $50,000 per post or per tweet for violating the agreement. Besides protecting one party's reputation, a social media prenup can also help couples identify the areas they may never discuss with each other. It can also help privacy and set boundaries between the information worth sharing and the information worth keeping to themselves.

Discussing a social media clause in a prenuptial agreement can provide many benefits to both spouses. Just like a typical prenup that serves as an asset protection tool for spouses, a social media prenup can also safeguard spouses from the financial harm of inappropriate posts.