Online divorce may not be the best solution to divorce issues

There are several ways divorce issues can be resolved including litigation, collaboration and using technology. However, Louisville, Kentucky divorcees should take extra precaution when settling family law matters. Although Internet technology may be always readily accessible and sound more convenient, it may not be the best way to resolve divorce issues.

For instance, dissolving a marriage is not only about knowing the marital assets but also identifying liabilities. Although a spouse can directly input the data about mortgage and other payables in a computer, it may not include other important details, such as where the money is coming from and how the debt is being paid.

Hidden assets are another issue. Once divorce is filed in court, the judge freezes the marital assets. Whereas, if one of the spouses know that the other filed divorce online, that other spouse may consider hiding assets immediately, which can result in an unfair property division.

Computers are not people; they lack empathy. Financial responsibilities post-divorce such as child support and alimony require complex calculations and may require negotiations between the payer and the payee. An attorney considers different factors, such as lifestyle, income, medical issues and number of children in computing the amount of child or spousal support. These considerations may not be found in online divorce tools.

Child custody is another issue that cannot be resolved by typing data and clicking options online. The interests of the child are at stake and when custody arrangements are settled through Internet tools, it may not yield an arrangement tailored to the child's best interests.

Although online divorce tools may help, spouses should always consider that dissolving a marriage could put many things at risk. A legal professional can put things in perspective during divorce to avoid any gaffes that could make the process costly and contentious.

Source: The Huffington Post, "Divorce Is Not a One-Size-Fits-All Business, So Why Do It Online?," Brendan Lyle, April 8, 2014