Fathers' Rights

Louis Paz Winner
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Due to common misperceptions, many fathers mistakenly believe they have little by way of rights when it comes to the custody or lives of their children. Contrary to this assertion, Fathers have the same rights as Mothers in regards to their children. Louis P. Winner has a thorough knowledge of the current statutes and laws that govern family law in Kentucky. Statutes govern the rights of unwed fathers, fathers absent during the birth of their child, as well as rights pertaining to custody of children in cases of divorces. Attorney Winner has successfully fought to gain custody of children for fathers' who were initially not notified of their child's birth, or were intentionally left out of the decision making process despite Court Orders to the contrary.

Establishing Your Involvement

The court always holds paramount what it considers to be in the best interests of children. If you have been and are currently involved in your children's lives, it's important to document your level of commitment and involvement to the court. Collecting birthday cards, cashed cheques, vacation pictures, little league or school involvement documents, as well medical or insurance bills demonstrate how deeply you are involved in raising your children. Regardless of how much you may love or care for your children, you must be prepared to document many facts to the court's satisfaction or it may jeopardize your parental rights and effect your custody rights to your children.

Being Informed

The first step in asserting your fathers rights is being informed. For more information regarding your rights, contact Louisville attorney Louis P. Winner today.